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The path formats contains elements in <angle> and [square] brackets. All elements in angle brackets are mandantory while those in square brackets are optional. Colors need to be specified as 3 or 6 character hex codes (for example 4c1 or e05d44). Text needs to be URL encoded.

ServiceExamplePath Format
beerpay Total Amount /beerpay/<user>/<project>
GitHub downloads by release /github/downloads/<user>/<repo>/<tag or "latest">
GitHub downloads by release and asset /github/downloads/<user>/<repo>/<tag or "latest">/<asset>
GitHub downloads by repo /github/downloads/<user>/<repo>
GitHub latest release /github/latest-release/<user>/<repo>
GitHub latest tag /github/latest-tag/<user>/<repo>
GitHub repo license /github/license/<user>/<repo>
Gratipay team /gratipay/team/<teamname>
Gratipay user /gratipay/user/<username>
Static Badge /static/<title>/<text>/[color]
Travis-CI /travis/<user>/<repo>/[branch]

Made with and Go by Knut Ahlers

badge-gen v1.11.1